Monogramming Tips & Etiquette

In today’s world, there are no hard, steadfast rules when it comes to monogramming; however, listed below are a few common monogram etiquette practices to help you decide the appropriate monogram that best suits your needs.

A single woman’s monogram should be in the order of her first, last, and middle initial.  The last initial in the center is larger. For instance, Karen Anne Ballard’s monogram would be KBA (the B would be slightly larger).

If a married woman chooses to keep her maiden name and drop her middle name her monogram order would be first initial, married last initial, maiden name initial. So, if Karen Anne Ballard marries Gary Hubert and keeps her maiden name as her middle name, her monogram would be KHB (with the H bigger in the center).

It’s not uncommon for a woman to keep her middle name and drop her maiden name.  In this case, if Karen marries Gary and drops her maiden name, her monogram would be KHA (with the H bigger in the center).

When monogramming for a man, the most common format is to use the initials in the first, middle and last order, with all the letters the same size.  For example, Gary Lee Hubert’s monogram would be GLH.

It is also acceptable to use the traditional layout for a man’s monogram, using the order of first, last, and middle initial (with the last initial larger in the center). If using this layout, Gary Lee Hubert’s monogram is GHL (with the H bigger in the center).

When it comes to a married couple, the monogram will contain the bride’s first name initial, the couple’s last name inital and the groom’s first name initial.  In this scenario, Karen and Gary Hubert’s monogram would be KHG (with the H larger in the middle).

Single or two letter monograms are also very popular.  For a single monogram, you can use either the first or last name initial.  Two initial monograms normally represent the first and last name.

If you have a situation that the above tips don’t help you resolve, feel free to contact us for help with creating the perfect monogram!